Button Layout Edit

Big Bang Beat Revolve is a 8-direction, 4 button fighter.


A = Weak
B = Medium
C = Strong
D = Special

As of version 1.04, there are macros for A+B, B+C, and A+B+C that can be set to specific keys in the keyconfig executable.

Controls can be altered in the Options settings of the game.

Numerical Format Edit

This wiki uses the Numerical format, common to Japanese fighters, to dictate directional inputs. It follows the same orientation as a standard number key pad on a keyboard with each number mirroring its position on the joystick (see the arrows around the joystick under "Standard Layout".

7 - 8 - 9
\ | /
4 - 5 - 6
/ | \
1 - 2 - 3

(ex. 5A translates to pressing A with no directional input, 6A translates to "press forward and A at the same time", and 236A translates to "down, down forward, forward, and press A".)

In addition, "j." indicates that the motion in question must be done in midair while (j) indicates that it can be done on the ground or in the air.

(ex. (j.236A) translates to "jump, then do 236A, while (j)(236A) translates to "either while on the ground or jumping, input 236A".)

"/" is used to indicate that another button may be substituted for the one that is listed.

(ex. 236A/B/C means that the move can be done by executing the 236 motion and pressing either A, B, or C.)

Common directional substitutes for numerical inputs are as follows:

  • 236 = Quarter-circle forward
  • 214 = Quarter-circle backward
  • 41236 = Half-circle forward
  • 63214 = Half-circle backward

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